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Pity Comes Too Late, Turn Around And Face Your Fate... 
30th-Jul-2004 08:40 am
Okay. I just saw something that made me so happy that I almost cried. At any rate, I got hella goosebumps. I just saw the
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Okay. I just saw something that made me so happy that I almost cried. At any rate, I got hella goosebumps. I just saw the <a href="http://progressive.stream.aol.com/aol/us/moviefone/movies/2004/phantomoftheoperathe_019465/phantomoftheoperathe_trlr_dl.mov"http://progressive.stream.aol.com/aol/us/moviefone/movies/2004/phantomoftheoperathe_019465/phantomoftheoperathe_trlr_dl.mov><b>trailer</b></a> for the forthcoming Joel Schumacher film <a href="http://us.imdb.com/title/tt0293508/" target="_blank"><b><u>Phantom Of The Opera</u></b></a>, in which Phantom is being played by <a href="http://us.imdb.com/name/nm0124930/" target="_blank"><b>Gerard Butler</b></a> hotness.

I love and adore Phantom. I think it is the best thing Andrew Lloyd Webber ever did. And right now, I'm very irritated because a while back I broke my disc set of the cast recording. Actually, it was a long time ago and it was sitting on the top of the car and halfway down the road I saw it fall off and onto the pavement to be run over by no less than three cars. I got the "Highlights From POTO" disc, but it isn't the same as having the entire show with all the spoken dialogue in it. I also also had "The Complete POTO" in hardback, but my Mother conveniently borrowed it from me like 15 years ago and who knows what happened to it.

Who that I know has the original cast recording that I can rip a copy of? Pretty please? With sugar and stuff on top? I really need to hear that and soon. While I really don't enjoy this kind of thing (musicals, Broadway shows) normally, I love this show so much that I can and will kill and bury the right person just to borrow the disc set for an hour.

No, really.

<font size="+3"><b>[EDIT]</b></font>
All taken care of, a friend of Damien's has it and is sending it to us soon. Thank you, all!
30th-Jul-2004 06:13 am (UTC)
DAMN DAMN DAMN...that was great. I can't wait for Christmas!!! POTO is one of my favs also. I think I've seen it like 5 times.
30th-Jul-2004 06:48 am (UTC)
Somehow...of all the scores I've owned, I'm left only with Sweeny Todd.

My POTO and Les Mis have both been long gone, and I have no idea whatever happened to them.

30th-Jul-2004 06:57 am (UTC) - Looking for it.
I sent an e-mail to Trey. It hasn't bounced, so I guess I got the addy right. Just have to wait for him to reply. I don't have the phone number anymore...

31st-Jul-2004 05:00 am (UTC) - Phantom
Movie looks interesting... must have been something wrong with the site cuz there was no sound.
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