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Adding up the total of a love that's true, multiply life by the power of two...

Tami came home for lunch, I heard the door open, and I thought it might be you. I looked into the kitchen and was disappointed that it was her and not you.

I know I could tell you this 10,000 times a day and it still wouldn't be enough to convey the gravity of it, but I love you like you cannot know. I miss you when you're not here with me, and would rather spend time with you doing absolutely nothing than anything or anywhere else I could be doing something - anything - else.

It hit me like a 760Li passing a tricked out 4 banger on the Autobahn the other day, a very simple reality. You are the love of my life - and there will never be another like you no matter how long I live and am lucky enough to have a life with you.
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