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You know what's really nice? 
6th-Jul-2004 02:11 am
I love summer. I love the way summer smells here in the south, things like fresh cut grass and night blooming jasmine. Twinings Jasmine Green Tea tastes and smells like you're drinking a warm cup of a Georgia evening outside under gathering stars, the steam just like the humidity of Southern summertime.

Friday night Damien and I watched Monster, which completely blew my mind. Charlize Theron is a goddess, and totally deserved the Oscar she got for that performance. It was so disturbing that afterward, I had to go for a walk to clear my head and reconcile what I had just seen. I walked up the hill to see the progress on the Woolfolk House, it is absolutely gorgeous - all except the front door, which I didn't like worth a damn. I cannot wait to get inside and take more interior photographs.

Now that vacation is officially over, time to get back to work on regular stuff - house stuff, lj_abuse documentation and community reads, children, children, and yet more children, new web design projects (meeting a prospective client this evening as a matter of fact, hope it proves worth the time), and trying to get back into the swing of things around here.

I really should be asleep, but as has been the case with me on most days lately my insomnia is just ridiculous. Even sleep medication is doing nothing more than pissing me off. I have a ton to get accomplished tomorrow (technically today, but it's not really tomorrow to me until the sun comes up and I can fire up the coffee pot) and it would be great if I had a decent night's sleep to help me, but apparently that's not in the cards so to speak.

I made this new icon in the hope that anyone who thinks the confederate flag isn't a racist symbol will have a comparison to think about. If nothing else it might serve to provoke those who revere it to consult their African American friends and ask THEM if they think it is "heritage and not hate". I saw someone with a t-shirt that had the flag on it and underneath was written "If this shirt offends you, then you need a history lesson". I thought to myself "No, Billy Bob Joe Gene Jack - it is BECAUSE I am aware of history - clearly more than you are - that I am offended by your shirt." So if you want to gank the icon, as with the others, go right ahead.

Seeing this new trend of confederate flag wear almost makes me wish the Big Johnson stuff never went out of "style". You know it's a bad sign when even the most ignorant of rednecks is a fashion victim.

My love and energy to those of you who deserve it - my utter contempt and loathing to those of you who deserve it. Those of you I love that are in a bad way, it gets better - you just have to keep pressing on and quit wasting time looking over your shoulder. Do what you have to do and need to do, and take extra good care of yourselves. Those with an illness and those with new injuries ::coughcoughbrokenasscough:: I wish a speedy recovery. As for the others, there's nothing there for me to waste my energy on, and it wouldn't matter if I did anyway. You can put a pretty big red bow on a pile of shit, it's still a pile of shit.
6th-Jul-2004 09:19 am (UTC) - Don't you just hate it when...
Someone puts a pretty red bow on a big pile of shit? I mean, what a waste of a bow.
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