Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

All over town are billboards about our lack of police officers, and how many of them are quitting their jobs. I'm not sure what the reasons are, other then the suspected issues of low wages, inadequate equiptment and lack of support from the powers that be. One of the billboards says if you have an emergency, don't bother calling 911 - call your city council. Another has a list of council members and their phone numbers, and says to call these people in the event of an emergency. One says something about wondering why our officers are quitting.


Last night we went downtown to watch the fireworks from the roof of the new parking garage adjacent to Damien's office. When the show was done, everyone got in their cars quickly and headed for the exit. We didn't move an inch for almost 15 minutes, from the top floor,even. Damien walked up from the ground level where his truck was parked and said traffic on Bay Avenue was gridlocked. I walked down with him to leave in his truck, and saw two garage security rent-a-cops walking quickly - yet going nowhere. They both had vacant looks on their faces, like "We have no control over this situation whatsoever." and then headed for the ground floor. By the time we got down there and to the truck, the most amazing thing was happening.

Two "Sistahs" had vacated their cars and were directing traffic out of the garage and onto Bay Avenue. They weren't taking and shit, either. One of them was wearing houseshoes, even. They kicked ass and got traffic flowing pretty quickly. The rent-a-cops were standing next to the wall of the garage exit, watching this happen and doing absolutely nothing.

I want both of those women to run for some kind of office, and I'd love to see a strong black woman as President. No, Condoleezza Rice doesn't count, I said STRONG black woman, not clueless lapdog. Imagine how much would get accomplished...

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