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Loooong Weekend


I got the opportunity to meet more people this weekend, to include hypnogogic and chola23712 's "Goliath", as she called him, Donnie. I didn't really get the chance to speak much with Melissa, or with Donnie actually - but all in good time. Pac and Jilt came by work with Melissa, and shortly afterward Andrew shows up with Anjelica. (I'm thinking that Anjelica is coming out of her slump, as it were - which pleases me immensely - she's fantastic to spend time with) and when my show ended at midnight we all collectively went out for coffee. More and more these guys are growing on me. I want to sit down with Pac sometime soon and discuss politics and God further, I get the feeling he'd be into that. You can tell from the way he pays attention that he wants to know as much as he can about anything of interest - that's a great fire to have burning in you.

It appears that pandorasparkle has a new man in her life, and he seems charming and well suited for her from the outset. I was also thinking about my initial impression of Donnie - he is just enough salt for all of Anjelica's pepper. And considerable pepper it is!

I am in need of a good shag - point blank. Hell, at this point I'd settle for a string of mediocre shags. Fuck it, I'm male - we're just happy to be there for the most part. Getting into the specifics of what is good, what is bad, blah blah blah - WHAT THE FUCK EVER!! If you make me come, then as far as I'm concerned the sex was good. What I can remember of it, anyway.

I'm working a 12 hour shift today, so my entries will be numerous and sporadic. And manic, definitely manic.

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