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Feh, just big fat FEH!

It never ceases to amaze me how some people can be so completely full of shit, yet fully expect that you believe them just because they say so. Like I'm as stupid as you pretend are. Go get fucked.

Pride was alright, I was less than enthused about it this year. Don't really know why, I suppose that a lot of it is just my reaction to something I cannot identify just yet. The rain was the least of it, too.

In general I feel pretty loathsome of many people, many things, and all for many different reasons.

In seven minutes, my best friend Staci will have been dead for 18 years and in two more days my best friend Shane will have been dead for four. Usually around this time of year, I'm very depressed. This time around, I'm caustic - radioactive - angry - disgusted.

I'm going to watch some mindless TV and drink a beer or two. Fuck all.

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