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I woke up this morning (and got myself a gun) and had a sore throat, sore sinuses, and aching ears. I am now medicated. I have no time for this, I am uber busy between home, the kids, the Mags, the dogs, thedigitalghost, Pride, my own stuff I have exactly *0* time for, and my newest undertaking...

As of yesterday, when rahaeli made it official, I am now officially working for lj_abuse. I'm very honored, slightly overwhelmed, and yet completely excited about it, yet totally intimidated by all this training stuff I've only just skimmed over. Then there's the entirety of what I have to read for training/familiarization, but I already feel like a long time member of the team. Then again, arie knows much more about me than I give her credit for. She pretty much said I'd fit in well with the team, and the thing about "having the Zen" which my team partner/trainer erin said as well.

My already limited posting time is now going to be even MORE limited, so the majority of the things I post will be to my private journal most likely.


I have to finish laundry folding today, I have to finish getting stuff cleaned up for the weekend company we're having, and find the time to read the documentation. And not freak out by all of the responsibilities I have right now with no time to do them.

::finds a happy place::
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