Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


I sent in my applicant test to rahaeli for lj_abuse. I'm satisfied with the answers I gave. Now I have to wait until she gets the time to go over it (whenever that would be, I imagine she's stretched WAY thin) and give me some feedback.

Avery has been a little pill today, I've managed not to maim her though. Cole has been off and on bratty as well, so I've had to spell a thing or two out for him. He's less than amused by that, but I'm not exactly trying to entertain here.

Other than this, and the fact that I got my period today and we're fresh out of Manpons®, the day hasn't been a total loss. I set up a meeting with a prospective client about a website, and I'm hoping that it goes well. If not, there are others pending.

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