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'Cause I feel like a big mistake that you managed to not quite make.

Tomorrow morning we're going to Atlanta for the day to have fun, and I think I'm too excited about that to get to sleep just yet.

We finally got everything moved from Damien's apartment, got the apartment cleaned spic & span, and got almost everything set up at the new house. Took all day, and we're both very tired, but we got it all done. And finished just as the rain started on the top of it. We saw mad_love at the complex, she was leaving from seeing her boyfriend who, oddly enough, lives in the old apartment Damien lived in before he moved into the other part of the building. Small world indeed! The new house is much nicer, much quieter, cheaper, and bigger than the apartment, so I'm very glad for him that he gets the best things situationally. The house itself is awesome, I dig the hell out of it. Plus, we have lots of friends across the street and just a couple of blocks away and the park is only two blocks down the hill.

I feel really good tonight. I feel accomplished and lighter. I am very happy that Damien has quit the part time job and will now have time to rest and eat well and take more time for and better care of himself.

Mary Chapin Carpenter is SO underrated. I truly think she is one of the best singer/songwriters in the world. Most of her music transports me completely. I adore every single song on Come On Come On and Time Sex Love. This one, though - I'm stuck on it for some reason. It's something for anyone that ever loved someone who didn't celebrate them, whether a lover, a friend, a family member, whatever. If you've ever felt cheated or left out, stepped on and unappreciated, this song is for you. The two lines in bold that nail this song for me. pacwastaken, I love you and am sending you good energy. This is for you.

What Was It Like - Mary Chapin Carpenter
What was it like
How did it feel
It's so hard to tell if it was real
I know I was there but with every day
It slips away
And I feel like a passing glance that you never gave a chance
Baby that's not right
What was it like

What did you say
What did I hear
When did it start to disappear
I know you were there
You know that too
What did we do
'Cause I feel like a big mistake that you managed to not quite make
And just walk away
What did you say

Guess I've waited long enough hoping it might be something
Other than what it was

You took something that felt so good
And crushed it because you could

One summer night
What was it like

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