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It's the Friday Night "Q-Mix", with your host, Jude Bennett!

I went shopping this afternoon with Cole in tow, I got some pretty neato stuff.

The air conditioning system has died here in this half of the building, and it's HOOOOT up in this motherfucker! Fucking hell, someone just called and requested Night Ranger... ::puts head down until it passess::

Speaking of Hot, Mr. Scott was thanking me at the school for the cds I made that he asked for. He's going to make a list of other stuff he wants me to burn for him. You know, it should be a fucking criminal act to be THAT fine and heterosexual. Same thing with Eddie.

Sunday is Easter, and I was in the shower earlier this morning thinking about the time I found out the real deal on the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and followed it all up with God. I remember the Easter Bunny being revealed to me vividly. That will be a separate post altogether.

Steve, our tech guy, has been all OVER the last 2 problems I've thrown at him, and I must say I'm very pleased about this. The service guy for the company that maintains the AC here just called to say he was on his way. GO STEVE!! GO STEVE!! ::mah-innnnn.... mah-innnn..:: ::does the cabbage patch::

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