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It has been a very long, yet very productive weekend. Got a lot accomplished today alone, and yesterday was just as fruitful - but not nearly as fun. Yeah.

Friday Damien and I watched Poltergeist and had dinner, and packed up the rest of the things at the apartment that could be moved to the new house.

Yesterday Maggie and I ran errands in the AM and then had lunch at Jason's Deli, which is fast becoming my new favorite place to get a salad and some soup. From there we went to Target and then to help Ward and Tami move the rst of their things out of the old apartment and get it cleaned up. Then I went to Damien's parents' house to help set up their pool, then came home and got some home/house stuff taken care of.

Today we took Renea her birthday presents and did more moving from apartment to house, and got a lot more done than any of us had anticipated. A lot more. It was a fun and very enlightening day I think. Came home, made two big pans full of baked ziti with red, green, and yellow peppers, italian sausage, and red sauce. Lots of cheese, lots of crushed pepper, nice and spicy. And a caesar salad. All in honor of the Sopranos season finalé, which kicked SERIOUS ass.

Now I'm about to read some more of this article on JFK & Jackie's wierd ass relationship, and another on Stephen Hawking.

It's been a good weekend. I'd give my righty for a Camel and a big glass of Cabernet, though...
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