Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Sometimes, there aren't enough rocks...

Me: What would you like for lunch, baby?

Avery: Um, Avee ont mannits.

Me:What kind of sandwich do you want?

Avery: Um, WED mannits.

Me: A red sandwich?


Me: I don't have any red jelly, how 'bout a purple sandwich?

Avery: Pupow mannits? Pupow gape mannits?

Me: Yes - a peanut butter and purple grape jelly sandwich.

Avery: ENUT BUTTOW DELLY TIME!! ::dances::

Me: (laughing) Where he at? Where he at?

Avery: (still dancing) AIRY GO!! AIRY GO!

Me: What do you want to eat with your sandwich?

Avery: Um... ::thoughtful look:: Ont agobees.

Me: You want strawberries?

Avery: Uh huh, agobees. And gapes, and amanoes.

Me: Strawberries and grapes and tomatoes?

Avery: Uh huh, and boo agobees.

Me: Blueberries too? Wow, you must REALLY be hungry today!

Avery: (emphatically) UH HUH!

Me: Alright, here you go - eat it all up!

Avery: Okay, I eat it all gone gone. :grubs out::

Me: Slow down, Avery - take a breath now and then!

Avery: (defiantly) No!! Go 'way! ::points to livingroom door, orders me out of kitchen::

Me: ::runs for life::
Tags: kids

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