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"Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean" - Gandhi

I'm feeling pretty good this morning. I've somehow managed to get 6 hours of sleep in a row, and I'm feeling pretty dandy. I had a great time at Durant & Slade's pool party yesterday, and even though the rain was on and off and I didn't get in the pool, I did manage to get good and wet between the rain and Durant hugging me while dripping wet. Good time, though.

I spoke to Ryan at length on the phone either yeserday or the day before, I don't recall which, but I think we are in agreeance about a lot more than I had originally thought. Having actually talked and explained our respective points of view and really listening to one another, I can say that I feel better for my part. A LOT better. We agreed that for the time being the best thing to do with everything going on is to leave it alone and let things run their own course. We've all got lives to lead in the meantime, so there you go. I have no idea what will happen in an hour's time on a good day, so figure that one out.

Damien and I are going to spend this evening getting some more of his things packed up and moved to the new house, which I know will make him feel better in general. Provided the rain holds off, I plan on loading that truck up with as many things as I can get into it. The more we can transfer, the lighter the final load will be and the less stress he has to contend with. With any luck, I can spend a day over there sometime soon after all the stuff is moved over and get him set up, and clean the apartment for whomever the new tenants are going to be. That would be swell.

The rain is making me tired, but at least I have the majority of my Monday tasks completed and out of the way. Cole was starting to show signs of boredom induced bitchiness, so while he was at the kitchen table eating lunch I took all of the blankets and quilts in the house and converted the dining room table into a fort.

I'm off to finish... stuff....
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