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I need new pictures

That's one of the things I'm lacking is new pictures. I've got to make my list of things I need to shop for anyway, might as well get Cole some camera film as well so he can take pictures with me. Rather than go through all that trouble, I'm just going to have the new pics put on cd-rom and be done with it. They're so much more easily accessible that way. The "Irony" shot I wanted to do will not work in my chosen spot, as at no time of day will the light be conducive to capturing the image I want onto film.

AOL is completely pissing me off. Each time I try to update my homepage, they give me this bullshit error message about having no space left to upload images. Fucking fascist bastards, the lot of them.

Been listening to a LOT of Jeff Buckley lately. It's so strange, there are so many prophetic things in his lyrics. I've never heard anyone sing quite like him before, with the exception of his father Tim Buckley. This Mortal Coil have covered several of Tim Buckley's songs, most notably "Song To The Siren" from their first album "It'll End In Tears". On their second album, "Filigree And Shadow", they retooled "Morning Glory" and "I Must Have Been Blind".

I finally found my copy of the acoustic "Lover, You Should've Come Over" which is one of my favorite versions of the song. I'm telling you, between him and Jennifer, I'd give all MY blood to have someone feel about me the way they feel about the people in their songs.
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