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Ya tearin' me apart here!

First they kill off Adriana on The Sopranos, then Uncle Vic on Queer As Folk. Then Wednesday is the series finale of Soul Food. Fucking hell!

Pretty good weekend, considering the pain my back has put me through. Lots of interesting things have happened, a lot of sleep has been lost, and there are surprises around every corner. I guess you never really do know, huh? I used to think it was impossible to surprise me. And that this was either fortunate or unfortunate depending on how you looked at it. Now I just think that as soon as you have stuff figured out, there's that one thing you didn't ount on that comes and bites you in the ass and says "Gotcha! Made you look! Didn't plan on ME now, did ya?"

I've bonded with people I love dearly this weekend. I've decided to take tomorrow for myself and get some stuff done that I normally cannot do with the kids around, but they're with Nathan and so I have no one to chase around and keep up with tomorrow. Well, except for Maggie - but we'll have coffee in the morning and then get busy with projects and stuff. Then we'll go out for dinner tomorrow night and discuss building this new website, and go out for coffee again. I've gotten a lot better at being away from the kids and using that time to be productive when they go to be with Nathan instead of feeling like I'm missing out on something. We all need a break now and then and it is important for them to have time away from us as well.

We would all do well to stop taking things so seriously in life. I've gotten better, and I really think that it's made me happier. Well, at least closer to happy, anyway.

Maybe now I can get some decent sleep. If not, at least tomorrow is going to be a lazy, quiet day. It's the simple things...
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