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I'm getting frustrated... 
21st-May-2004 02:53 pm
I've been working in my spare time (what there is of it) working on my cookbook website. I've gotten 28 pages done, and have just under 70 more to finish. It's taking a long time and I'm getting very fed up with it. Only because I'm becoming impatient and I want it completed so I can launch it and get other web projects done.

Somehow I've hurt my lower back again. It was like this earlier this morning, only I cannot figure out what I did. I also have a wierd crick in my neck that is bothering me as well. All of this is making coding that much more difficult and irritating. I took Motrin 800 for it, but that's not really doing very much.

On the top of all of this, Avery has decided against her doctor's orders and refuses to drink water. Her pediatrician says she doesn't drink enough. Ballistic Princess, on the other hand, thinks that unless it's juice, a juice box, or chocolate milk that it's not drinkable. We've been fighting about this all day. I'll hand it to her though, she's not giving in - but neither am I. She can scream, cry, whine, whatever about wanting some goddamned "Socka Meeowk", but I'll be damned if she's getting any until her entire sippy cup of water is empty. No juice, no nuthin'. Kiss my ass, socka meeowk. NAH! ::folds arms, scowls::

Cole will be home from his last day of school in 40 more minutes, at which time we're going to surprise him and Avery with the kiddie pool I've set up in the backyard for them. It's pretty swank, really.

Feh, I'm done coding this for now.

21st-May-2004 12:46 pm (UTC)
crick in neck is because the facia (you know that layer of coating, that's not quite skin, but like a thin membrane, on the chicken? that's facia.) is twisted between the muscles, sorta. best thing for this is heat. i'd have ya over for hot tubbing, always good for a stiff neck. same for lower back. (god do i feel ya on lower back pain. oi.) usually you can see a chiro for around 20 bucks- barring if they charge exhorborant fees to see you for the first time. that sometimes helps with the creeky neck, too.

avery seems like a very willful child. i think she doesn't quite get that you are the one in charge. i think she sees you more as a peer, perhaps. so when you try to exercise your own will on her, even if it's for her own good, she resists, cuz you switched to adult mode. (i did a stint as a teacher's assistant, and my mom type person was all about child psychology stuffs.) i'd suggest maybe trying to make her drink it as a peer, but that would undermine any authority you might have. hmmm. i'll try to see what i can find out, even if just for future reference. also, there's flavored waters, like that pediacare water. and crystal light, iirc, counts as water intake, too.
22nd-May-2004 04:53 am (UTC)
I used a heating pad for my back and it has helped enourmously. That was a bigger deal than the neck, which miraculously has gotten better as well.

Avery? Willful? HAHAHAHAHAHAsnortHEHEHEHEHEHEHE!!!! This child's nailclippings are willful, let alone the rest of her. Why do you think we call her "Ballistic Princess"? It's all part of being a 2 year old and testing boundaries, no more no less. She's well aware that she can manipulate us if she wants to, but that only carries her so far. Where do you think she gets her stubbornness from? I've been taking care of this child since the day she was born and I know how she operates inside and out. As far as the other water sources, true enough, but for the most part they're just empty calories. She has to drink more water, end of story. She gets her chocolate milk and juice at breakfast, then it's water until lunchtime. If she does good with the water, she can have more juice. If not, cry me a freakin' river. Same for dinner.

When she gets thirsty enough, she drinks the water. She still doesn't concede defeat and accept that she's not getting her way, but she drinks it. The good news is that potty training was a complete success, and she's barely just 2 years old. Some you win, some you win reluctantly I guess!
22nd-May-2004 06:40 am (UTC)
i got shivers just by thinking about a willful 2-year old in my care. i have to say, i really admire that you can sit on her and make her drink that water. now, if i was her, i'd find clever ways to dispose of it, like plant watering, taking it to the potty with me, down the sink, outside with me, etc. etc.

see, you should come and monitor MY water for a week. bet i'd be drinking enough then!! hate water. even with lemon. bleh.
21st-May-2004 01:27 pm (UTC)
I really admire you for your efforts as a parent. Not just anyone could do the job you do. I hope one day I can. :-)

Hang in there...you'll make headway on those last pages, and then you'll sit back and be appreciated for the hard work. Hey...I am anxiously awaiting its release. I'm always up for new recipes!

Have a good weekend!
22nd-May-2004 05:04 am (UTC)
Thank you, sir! Anyone who CHOOSES to could do my job, it is simply a matter of willing yourself. Children are a whole new ballgame when it comes to caregiving, because you have to make every concession available for the fact that they are NOT adults and you have to relate to them as such most times.

I look at it like this: Children come with all kinds of manuals - it's finding the make and model for the one you get that's a bitch, so you do what you can and accept that sometimes you're not going to always do the right thing. The beauty is that loving someone enough helps you make better choices and get better results. I'd rather spend time at home with them playing and doing things they like than doing most anything.

I'm conceding (temporary) defeat to hand coding, it's just taking too long. I'm reluctantly using Cold Fusion to help speed things up a bit, so hopefully I can finish by the end of the weekend.

::crosses fingers, toes, and eyes::

Damien says that your recipe for Pasta Ya Ya sounds remarkably like my recipe for New Orleans Pasta! How funny!
21st-May-2004 09:05 pm (UTC)
Hey! Don't you even think about pinching our Avery!
22nd-May-2004 05:06 am (UTC)
Hey - you tell her to stop pinching me with her toes and then laughing about it on the top of it, and I'll stop harboring the desire.
22nd-May-2004 08:05 am (UTC)
well, in that case, I say we hold her down and tickle her!!!!
21st-May-2004 09:22 pm (UTC)
it has come to my attention that a good way to deal with toddlers is by suggesting strongly an orphanage, or adoption might be a possibility in the future, should they choose to continue to behave like naughty beasts.

at this time, i am considering this a viable threat, and should i ever breed, will be using it on my own hatchling.
22nd-May-2004 05:09 am (UTC)
Oh - make no mistake, I've already told her in so many words that I'm going to dip her in Gravy Train and throw her in the back yard with the pups next time she screams and throws blocks at me, but consider who we're talking about here...

This is the child who 2 weeks before her 2nd birthday woke up on Easter Sunday morning to a basket smaller than her brother and sister's baskets and then looked at us and said "This is bullshit!" I rest my case.
22nd-May-2004 06:42 am (UTC)
ahahahha, excellant. i have to remember that one.

btw- i have some friends, the wife is 20, and the husband is 27, if i remember right. anyways, wife throws fits and whines CONSTANTLY. the other week she started one of her fits, and i says, "look eric!!! she's speaking whinese!!! i've heard of this!!!" eric laughed hysterically, she glared at me, and she has been all but cured from the fits. thank you!!!! :)
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