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GOP Tells Gay Republicans 'You're Not Wanted', Whacks Them With A Big Stick, Points A Stern Finger And Says 'NOOOOO!'
by Newscenter Staff
(Raleigh, North Carolina) Gay Republicans have been told they are not welcome at the party's state convention this weekend. The state's Log Cabin Republicans had requested a table to display its literature at the convention, but Ferrell Blount, the Chairman of the GOP in North Carolina rejected the group and in a letter to Log Cabin accused the LCR of disloyalty.

LCG "advocates special rights and privileges for homosexuals," wrote Blount. "It openly opposes President Bush’s call for a constitutional amendment to protect the sanctity of marriage as being the union between one man and one woman."

Blount pointed to the party platform that says "Republicans believe that a two-parent family, where a husband and wife live in harmony in one home, provides the ideal environment for raising children and is the best model for family life. We praise the courageous efforts of single parents who work hard to provide stable homes, and we recognize that single parents often succeed and two-parent families sometimes fail. We, therefore, oppose efforts to redefine the traditional family structure and offer the Republican Party as a refuge fore everyone concerned with about the breakdown of family life in America."

Ed Farthing, the chair of the North Carolina Log Cabin Republicans called Blount's position "discouraging".

"It appears to be you have to be a white, Anglo-Saxon married Protestant for the Party to pay any attention to you," Farthing told

At this weekend's convention delegates are scheduled to vote on a platform that opposes same-sex marriages, adoption of children by gay and lesbian couples and publicly financed benefit plans for unmarried partners. The proposed platform also commends the Boy Scouts, who rejected gay Scout leaders, for "defending decency".

The issue was immediately seized on by the Democrats.

National Stonewall Democrats invited LCR to share table space at District Democratic Conventions in which are also taking place in North Carolina this Saturday.

"The Democratic Party has a big tent, and the Stonewall Democrats have a big enough table to share space with the Log Cabin Republicans," Kathy Heggemeier, Wake County Coordinator for the Triangle Stonewall Democrats told
In 1996, Bob Dole's presidential campaign returned a donation from the national Log Cabin Republicans. The rejection drew loud protests from moderate Republicans and alienated many from his campaign. Eventually, Senator Dole reversed his decision and accepted the donation.

"It's hard to believe that eight years later, the Republican Party is still playing the same exclusionary politics that led to their defeat in 1996," said John Marble, Communications Director for the National Stonewall Democrats in a statement. "From supporting a federal anti-marriage amendment to excluding gay Republicans from state conventions, it is ever more clear that our families are not welcome in their party."

The Democratic National Committee also attacked the North Carolina GOP decision.

“Unfortunately, the actions of the North Carolina Party are not an isolated incident, instead it is just another example of how the Republican Party is a party of the few and the Republican agenda is one of discrimination and hate,” said Eric Stern, Director of the Democratic National Committee’s Office of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender (GLBT) Outreach.

“Like George W. Bush’s endorsement of the Federal Marriage Amendment, the North Carolina party is trying to win political favor with their right-wing base by discriminating against hard-working, tax-paying Americans.

“By contrast, the Democratic Party values the participation of all Americans in the political process, and GLBT Americans are no exception.”

Farthing said he had received the offer from Stonewall Democrats of a booth at the Democratic Party Conventions but would decline.

Okay. Here's what I am having trouble understanding. LCR's swear allegiance to a political party that mocks them, thinks they're not only a joke but the human equivalent of petrified evil (barring Strom Thurmond's corpse), and yet they whine when the GOP washes them off like a stubborn label. Like there was some surprise or something. Gay Republicans are like fucking for chastity. Gay Republicans are like Jewish Nazis. Log Cabin Republicans spend all their time, money, and energies trying to be accepted into this cookie cutter ideal of some antiquated, archaic conception of "normal" and all that rot, whatever constitutes normalcy.

You know what? Fine - go right ahead and make yourself a victim. Might I make a suggestion, though? How about nixing the name "Log Cabin Republicans" and instead calling yourselves "The Mangy Puppy Republicants", still trying to run with the dogs and getting left under the porch every time. Your slogan can be "'We're here! We're Queer! And we're not gonna take...' ::chirp... chirp... echoooo... echoooo...::" You could make commercials of straight, male, WASP types shoving you into lockers, then high fiving one another while you stand there with vacant expressions on your collective faces - captioned "Maybe one day they'll take pity on me and share a sandwich or something. Until then, GOP FOREVER!! Maybe a limpwristed Sieg Heil! or something could be the equivalent of a secret handshake. Hmmm...

Fuckin' tards. ::feh::
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