Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

You know, I REALLY want my head to stop hurting.

There's this ongoing war in columbus_ga that started because I was banned by the guy that runs the community, jilt.

It's to the point of it being ridiculous and farcical. Then I catch my own userinfo page and see that I have been reinstated, as it were, and am free to post on the page now.

Shared Journal Access: judebennett can post to columbus_ga

Hmmm... "WOLF!" cries the boy.

This guy pacwastaken has made many racially and homophobically derogatory epithets and apparently denies being racist and/or homophobic. Then I get cleared to post on the page again as if it were a peace offering or something. At least that is what I'm discerning from all of this.

It's really sad that these guys are behaving as badly as they are. I looked at Jilt's website and the layout of it is pretty stellar actually. He is clearly talented and I'd venture to say very smart, but ruins it all with this attitude. Pacwastaken I am trying to find at least ONE redeeming thing about, but that is difficult in light of him throwing those things out and then recanting as if it were never meant to be offensive and was acceptable.

I suppose I'm just a little cynical about the whole thing now. Sooner or later we're all bound to run into one another, whether by chance or by default. It might have actually been nice to have exchanged ideas at least once.
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