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Things have been going fairly well today. Maggie is making dinner instead of me tonight, so it's kind of nice having someone else cook for me. I made Red & Blue and we're having that alongside some fresh tomatoes with basil I grew, balsamic vinaigrette I made, and some of the extra Gorgonzola cheese sprinkled over as an appetizer. We're going to eat dinner, play with the kids and get them bathed, the watch the last ever episode of Friends - which has both Maggie & myself a little sad and nostalgic, hence the closing tone of this post.

Cole's balloon walk was this morning at school, and having done it with him I am really glad that he chose to participate. Basically every kid in the school was lined up and down every hallway IN the school cheering and clapping for the kids that had balloons, it was great. Maggie, Avery, & I all walked with him.

I'm going to be doing more work on my cookbook website so that I can (hopefully) have it up and running within the next month or so. No promises, but that is the tentative plan.

Since it is weighing heavily on my mind, I feel it is worth mentioning that all of you who are on the outs with friends should really consider the importance of the things you're upset by and the choices you're making. Remember that these are the people who have meant the world to you in one respect or another, and that you've lived for one another when no one else gave a damn if you lived at all. Together you make up something special, at least I think you do. Maybe we put different values on friendship, and that's fine. Maybe we have different views on what is really important and what is petty and we get the real issues confused sometimes. What would happen if these people you've loved and held so dearly were killed tonight in some tragic way that left you wondering for the rest of your life if they knew that you were only angry for that small time and that you really did love them? I know that Shane knew I loved him when he died. I know that Staci and Dawn knew that as well - there is no doubt about that in my mind. What I want you all to do is picture in your mind the friends that you're currently on the outs with. Imagine them in all of their flawed, outrageous humanity, making you smile and making you scream and everything else that friends might do with one another. Being there for you when you cry, defending you when your behavior didn't even merit it, being perfectly content knowing that if anything bad happened that these people had your back...

Now imagine standing over their open coffin looking at their lifeless body.

Sometimes there is no going back. Sometimes it takes more than regret to mend a mistake or right a wrong. maybe you think you were right in every case, in every instance, and you can live with yourself if something terrible happened. And if you can, then that is fine, but if you can't then goddamnit, get off your fucking ass and do something about it. NOW.

There is never a right time or a perfect time, but there is ALWAYS a better time...
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