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Welcome To The Fold...

Somewhere I have managed to completely screw up my stomach. It started yesterday afternoon not terribly long after lunch. Most inconvenient. Once I finally got to sleep last night, however, I managed to get fairly decent sleep but I had some REALLY crazy dreams. One involved me being at Cher's house helping her get rid of an exboyfriend's stuff and supporting her decision to kick his ass out in the first place. Then she and I went out for coffee (ME, coffee?) and ended up in the front yard of a latino family who had just been the victims of a very freaky Santeria ritual that involved a dismembered goat that was hacked up and left in their water meter thingy. There were also beads, flowers, and feathers all over the place. Cher and I were both looking around like "Dude, all we wanted to do was get coffee!" Then I woke up. Whatever.

Today I'm taking Avery's seat off my biike and tuning it up in preparation for tomorrow's trip to Savannah. I also have to print out some stuff for the trip as well. I'm going to finish the preliminary packing and getting camera batteries charged. There's actually a fair amount going on today. Cole is not going to school this morning, he's really not feeling well and is being especially crabby. A sure sign that he's verging on sickness is his apology for his foul mood, which he asserts he has no reason for at all as a means of explaination.

I send out lots of love and energy to both pacwastaken and ryno_v_6point7 for just being really good friends. I know that you both love me, as I do the both of you, but it's really nice to actually hear it.

I don't really have much else to say. I need to plan out what I'm going to accomplish today because I'm rather scatterbrained this morning and I'd like to get as much done as I can today so I'm not pressed for time tomorrow. I'm looking forward to this trip, especially the dolphin watching thingamajigee but that's more to prove something to myself and conquer a major fear of mine. Not of dolphins, but of dark water.

Take care all, and be well. All my love to those who deserve it, and I'll post when I get back from Savannah with pictures and such.
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