Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

But time is on your side... Not pushing you down and all around, it's no cause for concern...

The only thing worse than insomnia that keeps you awake until 3AM is the internal alarm clock that won't let you sleep past 7:30AM. Except maybe waking up after sleep deprivation to a sore throat and an ear ache. Goddamned allergies::mumbling::

What sleep I did manage was pretty decent, it just wasn't enough to really be worthwhile. There is way too much on my mind, there is too much cause for worry, and too much other that just irritates the everliving fuck out of me. At least I won't have the added responsibility of having to do everything I do on a daily basis AND run after Avery and Cole today, because that added frustration would surely render me worse for the wear.

I'm going to spend a fair amount of time today cleaning up the yard as well, we're starting to look a lot like Sanford & Son out there and I can't have that. All I need is for Joyce (Crazy Alcoholic/Crackwhore Neighbor) to say one fucking word to me today. I neglected to mention something about that bitch in my last post. CACN's husband, Mickey, is as pathetic as she is. Granted, I don't think he's a substance user, but he does enable her behavior and allow his 16 year old daughter to be subject to it on a daily basis, so he's pretty much as bad if not worse. Saturday, when she was driving like a maniac and being a drunken attention whore, Nathan went to curse her out for it and they argued. Lo and behold, Mickey comes out and stands in front of their house to jump in the fray (first time he's EVER done this in the long history of her episodes) and insists over and over that she's not drunk. Other neighbors come out and jump in, telling him that's bullshit because she never behaves like that when she's sober, but he emphatically denies that she's drunk. She pulls up to the curb where Nathan, Maggie and myself are standing and slurrs to Maggie "Your husband is not staying with you because he's too busy fucking all the women..." and Maggie calmly replies What, including yourself, right? Nathan screams at both of them that she reeks of beer while she's in her car in the middle of the road, and brings up her crack smoking when Mickey says something that just stunned me.

Nathan: She's not just drunk as hell, she's high on crack right now isn't she?
Mickey: Well YOU sold it to her and we told our lawyer that too!

At first we were stunned, then we laughed. Who the hell says something like that? He didn't deny it, he just passed the blame on someone else. What a tard!

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