Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

For invasion of their hollow hills, that music hold and oberon fill...

I'm rediscovering Bauhaus. At one time, I was a complete Bauhaus fanatic. I had every poster, every t-shirt, every video and cd, every vinyl LP, and every collector's disc in their catalogue. I even had a limited edition boxed set of 2000 copies worldwide of Bauhaus 1979-1983, and a copy of the letter David J sent to Peter Murphy announcing his intentions not to continue the band. For whatever reason, I woke up humming the tune of "All We Ever Wanted Was Everything" and since then I have been jonesing to hear it. later I'll play some of their music and possibly make an MP3 cd for my player, and maybe even make a new layout inspired by Bauhaus. Of course if I do that then I have to make another for Love and Rockets, and another for Peter Murphy, and another for Tones On Tail, and another for... well, you get the idea.

Today should prove better than yesterday where the kids are concerned, anyway. Cole's friend Brandon spent the night last night and he's going to Brandon's house after lunch for the remainder of the day. That'll keep him occupied and free from boredom. Avery is still undecided about her mood today, but I can change that fairly easily. Maggie is at her hairdresser's place getting her hair straightened, the kids are playing, and I've already cleaned the kitchen and living room.

I'm working right now for the Columbus Pride Committee making the new logosand designs for their t-shirts and such, and that's going to consume my evening later. I'm going to be making a logo for Damien as soon as I can sit down with him and figure out what it is he wants me to do. Things around the house are on the upswing. We're managing to keep things relatively clean, laundry and dishes are staying caught up, and the kids are staying active. Last night Maggie packed up the majority of Nathan's things so that when he comes to visit the kids they don't have to see him doing that. It is also therapeutic for her. Cathartic, even.

This house and this family are undergoing some major changes and more are coming soon, and we're welcoming those changes. Our schedules and routines are still very important, and they are also oing to be slightly modified. All in all, I'm hopeful and optimistic.

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