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I tweaked a few more settings on the Queer As Folk layout for my journal. There's now a flashing rollover when you mouse over a link, I like that a lot. Also, I'm still having trouble with the lower right hand corner image. It won't fit like I want it to, and saved as a .GIF it has that halo I really don't like - but saved as a JPG it doesn't line up with the background gradient. Most distressing. I might try and save it as a JPG without the gradient background, though I'm sure that's going to be a problem as it will throw in a white background by default. Just to piss me off. Yup. I finished Damien's layout background to his specifications, so hopefully that'll prove entertaining and enjoyable for him. Few more tweaks on that and it'll be all ready to go.

Cole had his first day in the gifted program today, and he really enjoyed it. Considering he was reluctant to go in the first place, this is a good thing. I'm very proud of him, he deserves this. He kicked butt on the soccer field tonight as well. That's my team captain and MVP!!

My antihistamines are kicking in, I'd better get some sleep. Tomorrow morning I'm meeting Damien at the car dealership so he can drop his truck off for servicing, then dropping him off at work and coming home.

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