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Stood on the edge, tied to a noose - you came along and you cut me loose...

In preparation for next month's season premiere, I made a new Queer As Folk layout for my journal. I'm presently working on Damien's "Oceana" layout, which has to be tweaked a bit. It's his Friends' View, and for some reason the code is missing to tell you who the poster is. Will have to make image adjustments and then help him on that code - with any luck I'll find it myself.

We got a call yesterday from the kids' caseworker at DFCS, and it was disappointing news. Because we're not family and haven't completed the foster parenting classes and such, the kids cannot come to stay with us. It's a shame, too. We really wanted them and we wanted them to be together. As it is, we are satisfied that we did everything possible to get them. Maybe in the future if their current foster parents decide we WILL have them come live with us. We'll see.

In a way I am relieved about this, because it was a pressing decision that would have affected us all in ways I know we were not prepared for, but it (like everything else in life) would've all been a matter of doing the work to make it happen. The other side of it is the fact that they are separated not only from their mother (again), but from each other (again). As I understand it, they've been horribly neglected and living in absolute squalor pretty much all of their lives. I look at all we have and I just want to cry because they cannot be here to see what living with a real family is all about. I'm trying hard not to think about it, because for now there is nothing more we can do.

As is our habit, when things don't go our way in this family, we sate ourselves with comfort food. Last night Maggie made pasta with a mushroom cream sauce and fresh bread, and for lunch today I made crab cakes and a mozzarella and tomato salad. Tonight I think we're picking up dinner, most likely El Mexican. Which I'm sure will be good.

Oh yeah - in other news, Avery has used the potty almost all day long. We've been doing the "Pee-Pee-In-The-Pot-TAY!" dance each time she does it. Did I mention that her new favorite word is "NO!"? Yes indeed, and she says it emphatically, sometimes with an index finger pointed and a scowl on her face for effect. Today we were at Barnes & Noble and I saw a book on The Wiggles that she hadn't seen before. In case none of you have seen or heard from Avery lately, EVERYTHING is all about The Wiggles now. You'd think she had no other interests. Anyway, back to the new Wiggles book. I pointed it out to her and said "Wow - a Wiggles book you haven't seen before!" to which she replied in her astonished voice - much like Dory on Finding Nemo - "No... way..." The ladies standing next to us just cracked up.

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