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Life is action...

Later on I will attempt to write out what is currently going on around here, as there is the potential for a huge undertaking of sorts that will require a lot of my time, energy, patience, and love. In short, there is the very real possibility of us taking in three children whose mother is a crystal meth addict - and assuming legal responsibility for them for at least a year. There are many details, there are many reservations on our part, and there are three children who are well on their way to being separated from their family forever and becoming wards of the state. Their mother is already headed to state mandated rehab with the possibility of having her parental rights completely revoked, and currently they are separated from one another in foster care. The father is not part of the picture, though whose choice that is I'm not entirely sure. It's a really bad situation. These children are abused, neglected, and far too young to process anything that is happening to them. The oldest of the three is a boy, and he is 6 years old. His younger sisters are 5 and 4. From what I understand they are all very well behaved and sweet children, although the boy is sometwhat of a crier - which, given his set of circumstances, I think is completely typical and wouldn't begrudge him that in the least. Sooner or later I'll have the opportunity to detail all of this but for the time being, we trying to come up with as many questions as possible to ask the family and DFCS.

I have just come into possession of an amazing body of musical work, in the form of a Dead Can Dance 4 disc boxed set. I've already ripped it to MP3 and will be using it often for inspiration while I work. It's truly amazing music, and I've been a fan for almost 20 years now.

I am absolutely bursting at the seams to create. I was showing some of my artwork to some friends last night and in doing so and (with the exception of three or four pieces), I think I've outgrown the things I've done thus far. They are looking more and more to me like something I'm far removed from, something that no longer represents my headspace and vision. I'm going to take a ton of pictures of Savannah next month and a lot in between places that are going to be a new series of works already scripted out in my head. For me, making these graphic treatmentsand images and photographs is a lot like my writing, at least in approach. I write because I have to. I take photographs to document an idea I already have in my head. Imagine seeing something very clearly and using environments, lighting, and objects to replicate that vision as though it were all one singular thing. It's like an internal itch that I can only scratch by exorcism - of thought, action, and perception. I think too much and it all gets convoluted into something completely different than what I intend, which is the death of my effort in so many cases it's not even funny. For some reason, likely the change in season, I'm very inclined right now to create. I've always thought that Spring is rebirth and renewal of everything, it stands to reason that this idealism should include creativity. Besides, I need to find something redeeming for the the amount of suffering I do in the name of this season by way of allergies.

Life is wide open right now and has seldom ever been as full of possibility and discovery.


I could go on, but it's Monday and I have things to do that require me to be elsewhere.

Please send s good energy, keep us in your thoughts and hope that whatever is decided one way or the other is something we can live with. For all my reservations, I'm doing my level best to remain optimistic.
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