Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

A Call To My Fellow Riders

Who's up for an evening ride tonight?

It is time to dust off the bikes and get them tuned up!!

Every day this week, and part of last week, I have been riding my bike. I have more of a challenge riding this year, as I'm carrying extra weight this time. No, it's not that extra scoop of chocolate raspberry truffle ice cream I've been having, it's little miss Avery and her bike seat. Between her and the seat, I'm schlepping an extra 30-35 pounds on my bike.

So here's the deal. Anyone of the locals who wants to start biking again, let's start today. If you have nothing else going on, now is as good a time as any. I'd personally like to go to the riverwalk this evening, but there's plenty of space to ride closer to our house.

I'm planning on being ready to go by 5:30-6PM this evening, as the Ballistic Princess knows that this is optimim biking time. If anyone needs to tune up their bike, feel free to do it here at our house. We can ride here or go down to the riverwalk. Either way, I'm biking and going from now on everyday.

Damien and I can fit Avery's carseat in the truck I think, and the truck can handle at least four bikes if we tried hard enough.

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