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Know who your enemies are by the lies they tell...

In doing some research for some of my writings, I came across a few things that are almost frighteningly similar. The crux of what I was looking for was the blatant hypocrisy of fundamentalist Christianity and it's notorious intolerance. The current issue of same sex marriage/marriage equality is now a bigger political flag than I fear most of us realize. The religious right are incessant in their efforts to create arguments against, and not one is valid.

Here's what happens when people start preaching hatred and intolerance in the name of the God, they begin to bear a frightening resemblance to people who make no apologies for their hatred and intolerance. These people who profess to be "good Christians", whose speech and rhetoric are as antichristian and antigod as is possible to be. Note the striking similarities in the overall tone and wording in each of these things, and then carefully read the last one:

The Deception and Desensitization of America's Youth
From the American Family Association website

Anti-Gay Politics and the Religious Right
A Report by the People For the American Way Foundation

The Religious Right and Anti-Gay Speech: In their Own Words

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Marriage Affirmation and Protection Amendment
From Concerned Women For America

Search Results for the word "Homosexual"
From the Christian Coalition website

Search Results: Gay Politics
From The Traditional Values Coalition

The Fred Phelps Cult

Now let's tie it all up for the sake of juxtaposition - I give you:

Homosexuals At Your Door
From the official Ku Klux Klan website

I find it interesting and practically laughable that I almost have more respect (note the word ALMOST) for a group of inbred, worthless, redneck trash like the KKK in comparison to these other "godly" organizations that hide beneath the facade of love and Christian values while espousing essentially the same bullshit. At the very least the KKK isn't pretending to "love the sinner but hate the sin". I'm not shocked in the least.

And by the way, anyone who wants to use my icon (or any of my icons, for that matter), feel free - no credit to me is required, just please share with others by passing them along.
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