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Elm and oak and birch, oh my!!

I redid my User Info Page as a table, because it was annoying me with all of the extra stuff on it. Now it just looks nice and neat and I can get to the stuff I want without scrolling down for 6 hours.

My allergies are going completely haywire yesterday and today. It started yesterday morning when we were on the way to Cole's soccer game, but only a little. By the time I got home I was starting to feel wierd, and by 3PM I was miserable. It's a little better today, but my throat is sore from all of the sinus drainage and assorted other mucky crap in there. So today I plan on keeping out of the open air until I get this under control and can actually breathe freely without hurting myself.

Had some neighborhood drama yesterday, our neighbor Joyce (the one we call Crazy Drunk Lady) was at it again. I'm not sure if I've explained about her yet, but it's quite a story. The entire story is too lengthy, so I'll just go over the relative bits.

Joyce, or CDL, is the neighborhood lunatic. She's always drunk as hell, and is a known crack smoker. She's told two of the neighbors that we know of that she started smoking crack to lose weight over a year ago, and now she's just a complete crackhead. Bear in mind, we live in a nice subdivision and we know all of our neighbors and everyone pretty much likes everyone else EXCEPT for Joyce. We all hate her. The main reason is because she drives her Explorer while she's bombed out of her mind, and she drives like a maniac. She speeds through the neighborhood, she peels out and in of her driveway and garage, she drives all over her front yard and has even taken out bushes and her own mailbox. That was this week alone, I have pictures. Matter of fact, every day this week there has been some kind of an incident with her. Remember the neighbor's house that was on fire last month? The one I got the family out of while waiting on the fire department? Guess whose house THAT was. Anywhore, let's press on.

No one feels comfortable letting their kids play outside, and all of them know that when they are out playing and they see her car they have to run back inside. They aren't allowed to ride their bikes because none of us feel safe with her on the loose. She's forever ranting and raving so loud inside the house that you can hear her in your OWN house. When she moves to her backyard or worse - her front porch - to rant and rave and scream obscenities, it's even louder. Did I mention that her house is across the street and on top of a steep hill overlooking the entire subdivision, which makes her voice carry over all our houses? Yeah - nice, huh? Anyway, yesterday she was pulling up into the driveway and about to go into her garage when she drove onto the lawn and started peeling out. The left tires were kicking up dirt and grass, while the right tires were squaling in the driveway. At that very moment, Nathan's mother and sister were in OUR driveway putting Avery in her car seat and getting ready to leave. We were all inside when we heard the commotion outside and the only thing we could think of was the baby being out there with all of this going on. After two years of this bullshit, two years of calling the police on her and having her arrested at least 4 times for recklessness behavior, disturbing the peace, etc. etc. etc. and STILL having to suffer this nonsense and not having anything done about it, we finally snapped.

We ran outside just as she got the car parked in the garage, and all of the neighbors came out of their houses to see what the hell was going on. I had barely blinked and checked to make sure that no one was hurt when I saw Nathan running up her driveway and standing in the door of her garage as she stepped out of the Explorer. Angrily and loudly he screamed at her "What the fuck do you think you're doing? Have you lost your goddamned mind? You're going to end up killing one of my kids driving like that, you fucking bitch! Are you drunk or high or just fucking crazy?" She denied being on anything, but he later told us she reeked of alcohol. He screamed at her some more and she stepped out of the garage and saw all of us - then pointed a finger at Nathan and yelled "You get off my property!", to which Nathan screamed back in her face "FUCK YOU!!" That was all repeated twice and he started walking down the driveway back to our yard with his cellphone in his ear dialing 911. She jumped back in the car, barked tires out of the driveway, stopped in the street to roll down the windows and yell unintelligible obscenities at all of us, and took off. Cops came again, again told us there was nothing they could do unless they caught her in the act, blah blah blah, and we didn't see her again for the rest of the night.

Our neighbors were asking me what we as a group could do, because we've all pretty much had it with this bitch. She's a complete menace, and something has got to be done about it. I'm looking into getting in touch with our neighborhood watch committee and seeing how they are going to help us. I'm also going to look into making signs like the ones realtors use to advertise the sale of a house and have a picture of a gold Ford Explorer on it with the words "Report Reckless Driving - Diall 911". Other than that, I'm going to look into getting a petition from the entire subdivision that affirms our communal stance against reckless driving in our neighborhood and a pledge from all of us to call 911 when we see signs of it.

My cousin was killed by a drunk driver. Because some asshole decided to be irresponsible, my cousin died in agony having suffered for several hours and nothing will ever undo that fact. I am not going to allow this woman to kill one of the neighborhood children without first making the declaration to everyone who lives here that this behavior is intolerable and that this woman is a menace to us all.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Comments? If you're not serious, please don't bother - I'm seriously not in the mood to be humored about this issue.
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