Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Somedays, good news just has a way of coming out of nowhere and making you change your whole perspective on things. This kind of news makes me very happy!: Tears For Fears Reunited, Set To Release New Disc Next Month. They were such a highly underrated band, definitely one of my top 5 favorites to come out of the 80's. For those of you unfamiliar with their music, especially the stuff that wasn't radio-friendly, you are truly missing out. I can make copies if anyone wants, and if you're not local and want copies, all I ask for the postage it will take to send it to you.

Then there is this bit of news: Log Cabin Republicans' Ad Attacking Bush. The headline alone made me giggle.

Of course, there is both good and bad news. Some other things that I read that both made me smile and made my blood boil and curdle were:

Michigan Gay Marriage Ban Fails - Vive Le Common Sense!

Gay Marriage Foe's Son Weds Same-Sex Partner - How do you like THEM apples?

NY Cardinal Lectures Assembly On 'Evils' Of Gay Marriage, or as I prefer to call this, "Reason 3,973,206 Why I Hate Everything The Catholic Church Stands For"

No Gay Marriage No Civil Unions Declares Jeb Bush - So speaks the spineless brother of the idiot son of an asshole.

Death Threats In Portland Over Gay Marriage - Whackos with a cause, sad sad sad...

Homophobic Judge Roy Moore Pans Gay Marriage Ban - The Hypocrite Speaks!! Er, Spews!!

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