Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

The following exchange happened last night on the way home form soccer practice. Cole and Avery were in the backseat, and Cole was (as usual) griping and complaining. He wanted to stop and get fast food to eat for dinner and wouldn't let up about it. Being that we normally don't eat fast food, Maggie was explaining that something more substantial was in order. He continued his bitching and Maggie went into her "Do you know that when I was a kid we NEVER got to eat out?" tirade, citing all kinds of examples when Avery, still not yet 2 years old, piped up. She pointed a little accusing finger at Cole and yelled "Cowe! Eefee pepow want wice!". Maggie and I just kind of looked at each other shockingly and I said "Avery, did you just tell Cole that people in Ethiopia want rice?" Avery, her evil "You should be ashamed of yourself" eyes still locked on Cole, replied "Uh huh!"
Tags: kids

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