Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


I'm involved in a flame war in mock_the_stupid with someone that admittedly exemplifies the purpose of the community. That, oddly enough, isn't a joke. Nor a punchline. I'm getting jabbed at (if we can cease laughing long enough to call it that) by some angsty miscreant who must actually think I'm getting insulted. feh..... I read said miscreant's userinfo, and we do have a few things in common, so I'm not prepared to give up on young grasshopper just yet. For the moment, it's rather like wishing into a fountain. It COULD happen, but one way or the other you're going to lose that penny. It's just a penny, afterall.

Anywhore, should you be so inclined and wish to be a spectator, be my guest.

Oh - Amber & Charlie - I appreciate the invitation to join the new community, but I've only recently just dropped several of my memberships in assorted other communities as my lack of posting there didn't merit taking up the space. Most of my LJ time is spent on layouts, my personal journal, and the other communities that I moderate. how_2_photoshop alone is a handful! Thank you for the invitation, but I'm having to scale back as it is.

I'm taking another antihistamine, some other sinus stuff, and going to bed and read some more of my book. Take care all, and be well.
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