Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Woman dies during ‘Passion’ screening; has heart attack during the crucifixion scene

Can you imagine the ramifications of this? I can see lawsuits against Mel Gibson, Jim Caviezel (the actor playing Jesus), the entire Jewish faith, for ordering the hit and the Romans, for actually whacking Christ. It is kind of sad, though.

Crowds flock to ‘Passion,’ tears common; Jewish groups plan protests against controversial film

I swear, faith is an odd thing. It makes me absolutely nuts sometimes. I hear the things that believers say, and it just boggles the mind. Especially things like "It’s a little bit more brutal than you would think," said a sobbing Kim Galbreath, 29, as she left a theater in this Dallas suburb. "I mean, there were times when you felt like it was too much. But I dare anybody not to believe after watching it."

Y e a h ..........
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