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The meeting last night was awesome. Allen Thornell, executive director of Georgia Equality, is great. It was good to finally meet him after 2,785 emails. I'll be contacting him later about Pride this year, and about whether or not my group can participate in any of the organizational activities that week.

I want to say that it made my day and filled my heart that anguissette & tiredofdreaming came to the meeting. That you were there with Magie, Damien, & myself meant the world to me. I was already happy, and then Damien's mom (djrl) came walking in. I almost started getting teary eyed, but figured it would be better if I weren't an emotional wreck for the meeting. Damien's coworker Paul also came, which was yet another person we didn't expect to see but were glad was there. Also there were the minister from Fellowship Of Love church, Rabbi Tom Freidman of Temple Beth Israel (a man I've known for years and whose support of the GLBT community is unwavering), and then - the nicest surprise of them all.

My old friend Ray and his best friend Sheila were there also. As soon as Sheila walked in and sat down, Maggie turned to me and asked me what her name was. She then said "I think I'm going to cry!" and went to sit next to Sheila. For those of you that didn't already know it, Maggie's mother Gail died of cancer several years ago. In the years before her death, when Maggie was a teenager, Gail had a very close friend named Sheila. She was the first out lesbian that Gail had ever really known, and the first gay person Maggie had ever really met. When Sheila and her then partner announced their intentions to have a committment ceremony, they invited Gail. She showed Maggie the invitation, and Maggie was confounded as to the language. It didn't occur to her that there was no legal recourse for same sex couples to wed, and it was her awakening to the entire issue. Now, close to 10 years later, Maggie is present at a meeting intended to organize and lobby to strike down SR 595 - and in walks Sheila. When Maggie went to her, she asked her if she remembered Gail Boswell. Sheila's face went slack and Maggie reintroduced herself as Gail's daughter. Sheila threw her arms around Maggie and told her how she looked exactly like Gail. That much is true, by the way. If you've ever seen pictures of Gail and Maggie side by side, it is hard to tell who is who. There's a picture in the dining room of Gail kissing Maggie when she was a toddler that everyone mistakes for being Maggie & Avery. I'm waiting until spring to replicate that shot of Mags & her mother with Mags & the Ballistic Princess. When I do, I'll post them side by side & you can see it for yourself.

It was a great meeting and it made me feel much better. We came home and Damien and I were just leaving for Walmart when something else happened that was - well, it was just wierd. Put it that way.

We had just pulled out of the driveway when I noticed flames coming out of the chimmney of my neighbor's house. I motioned for Damien to get back in the driveway and jumped out of the truck. I ran in the house and yelled for Maggie to call 911 and tell them that our neighbor's house was on fire. Then, a bigger shock to myself than to Damien, I sprinted across out yard and up the hill to their house and beat on the door until they answered. I got everyone out of the house and we waited on the fire department to get there. Whatever was burning in the top of the chimmney began to stop and once we knew everyone was safe and out of the house the firetrucks arrived and we went back home. THEN we went to Wally World.

Another interesting irony was the 911 call. One of our good friends is a girl named Jessie. Her girlfriend is named Dale and Dale works for 911. When I ran in and told Maggie to call for the fire department, she was talking to Jessie on the phone - she hung up on Jessie, dialed 911, and Dale answered! How wierd is that? Later, she called Jessie back and explained what had happened.

I'm going to be designing more t-shirts and putting them up for sale on my Cafepress store, so if anyone wants them to wear in time for Pride, let me know. Also, if you want a custom design, let me know and I'll put that up as well. Our Photoprinter is acting wierd lately, so I'm going to have all Pride shirts done through Cafepress from now on. It would be easier if Kinko's and Staples would print on transfer paper, but they won't - so we're going to go through Cafepress. All you have to pay for is the cost of the item and the shipping charges, I make no money off of my designs. That's my choice, so don't argue with me please - just let me know if you have ideas you want to see on a shirt and I'll see about adding them.

For mow, the store is located at Gaytheist Cafe Press. Go now and buy something.

Oh - almost forgot. At the meeting, Maggie made a statement that I wanted to share with you all. She told the entire room that if the amendment passes, she's going to have her marriage to Nathan annulled and declared a civil union - because if it's going to be the same thing anyway, then she expects the same benefits as marriage. When she said that, I looked over to Allen and said "That's my girl!"

There is a really good editorial by Patti Davis on Newsweek Society called Wedded Bliss: Ronald Reagan’s daughter says marriage should be about love, not sexual orientation that I hope you all read and pass on. Take care and be well, all!
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