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You don't see me at all...

I'm feeling very strange. "Maybe it's the flower petals in my stomach", he said...

All things considered, I feel better than I did earlier. I'm hoping to see a lot of familiar faces at the meeting, but I don't expect anything. It's harder for people to disappoint you when you expect nothing from them.

The final episode of Sex & The City was perfect, I even got teary a couple of times. The L Word was really good, although the parts relating to Jenny were very confusing to me. I watched the season finale of this most recent Soul Food, and the new season premieres on Wednesday. It was a great episode, a lot of it also left me kind of teary eyed. Saw sneak peeks of Six Feet Under (new season starts in June), Queer As Folk (season premiere in April) and the final season of The Sopranos, which starts next month.

Considering we don't really watch a lot of tv, I'm satisfied that the stuff we do watch is good and worth the time.

Had a good time at the farmer's market, we spent two hours there and came home with a trunkload of yummy stuff. I found the jasmine tea I like so much and currently have a cup in my tummy. It tastes like a summer evening in the south feels after it rains, and everything is fragrant and clean. Maggie found a tea she liked called Madame Butterfly that smells and tastes like peach blossoms. We got fresh basil and cilantro, a kiwano melon and some challah bread, some other vegetables and cheeses and some excellent strawberries. Half a flat of them, as a matter of fact. Big, firm, and meaty. They're the sweetest, most flavorful strawberries I've ever eaten and they're not even in season yet.

This song comforts me. I think this song is me.
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