Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

I added a slew of Livejournal oriented links to my new journal layouts {LASTN VIEW/FRIENDS VIEW} including the one to the Livejournal Fairytale - which is pretty damned cool. Added image links to Edit and +Memories, because the text links didn't stand out like I wanted them to.

This is why I keep changing my layouts, because seldom am I ever satisfied with them for very long. Figure that one out.

Maggie, the kids, & I are about to go to Marshall's so she can exchange a pair of pants, then to the craft store to see how much cigar boxes are. She wants me to make her a cigar box purse using my artwork, so that it will be custom and one-of-a-kind. Simple decoupage project, really. Who knows - there might be some money in this once people see it. I'll take pictures and post them once I get the thing made. I was thinking of making one out of a Chinese take out box as well, but those are kind of small. We shall see.

I have a rumbly in my tumbly.

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