Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

No Shrub In 2004!!

I swear, I fucking hate George W. Bush. With every particle of venom I can muster, I hate this fucker. In addition to every "flagrant misuse of presidential power" thus far in his term, now he goes and appoints asshole Bill Pryor to the federal appeals court. Yeah, that's exactly what this country needs, an uberconservative right wing asshole with his head in the clouds that historically uses made up statistical propaganda in his previous rulings as attorney general of Alafuckingbama, of all places. In the brief Pryor filed with the Supreme Court in a Texas sodomy case, he was comparing homosexual acts to "prostitution, adultery, necrophilia, bestiality, possession of child pornography and even incest and pedophilia." Wait a tick, it's election year! What, does the shrub think we're too stupid to see through this? Clearly so, as he went through the back door to get this guy a seat. First Pickering, now Pryor.

The only thing that infuriates me more than this kind of shit is that people close to me - family members and even close friends of mine - are self avowed Republicans. People who, by action of their choices in politics and parties, to say nothing of their voting alignment, are making it clear to me how myself, my chosen family, and my relationship with Damien figure into their consciousness.

The Republican party is notorious for condemning everything I stand for, everything I happen to think works for democracy, everything that makes the USA workable as an ideal and design for living. I swear, it's like the Third Reich all over again. I am ashamed that anyone I know and love would claim to be a Republican, despite my own objectivity and efforts to look the other way in spite of such things. I offer no apologies for this, either. And from now on, don't expect concessions from me when these issues are brought up. I'm tired of looking the other way about this sort of thing. Clearly me pretending that it doesn't unnerve me isn't working. So there's your answer to the "How come you never come around? question. My own father, for fuck's sake. The dogs that bite are coming from my own goddamned kennel! How fucked up is THAT?

Then we move onto headlines like Arnold: Terminate Gay Marriage Spree.. What the fuck, man? Then one that almost made me giddy, until I read the story: Conservatives Threaten To Desert Bush.

What a shit state of affairs we're all in.
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