Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Alrighty. I fixed the flashing links on my Friends View, and am just about to make the same change to my personal journal. Comments? Suggestions? This is not to say that I'll take them to heart or make any changes, I'm just interested.

I need to spend a little more time on the sidebars, as they are looking rather barren. I'm being interviewed by ilubmoney soon for a paper she's writing on the gay marriage debate. That excites me, as I have many opinions on the subject and anything I can do to help out my friends is A-OK with me.

Tonight (unless I'm mistaken) we are watching Se7en at Mom's house. I think we're going to get dinner and eat over there first and I'm reasonably certain that Mom & Tina - if she's there and hasn't seen it already - will really enjoy this movie. Dad, not so sure. He gets kind of wishy washy with the violence and profanity. Who knows.

Anywhore, I'm going to add the rest of this stuff and get cracking on the final code changes for both of these layouts. BTW, if you're like me and change the layout of your journal often, the Style Browser is a great way to toggle back and forth in a separate window to compare code. It's like a bootleg version of Cold Fusion. I call it Ghetto Fusion™.

Did I mention that Avery demon spawn from the fifth level of Dante's hell lately? I threatned to pinch her last night if she didn't stop with the banshee wailing, so she took it on the run up and down the hallway in defiance. She's now at the point of deliberately defying anything and everything that she's not supposed to do and testing her boundaries. I'm reasonably sure we're going to end up on the Maury Povich show with her dressed like a hooch and caterwauling "Wha-eva, wha-eva, I draw in my books and scream when they tell me to be quiet! I DO WHAT I WANT!"
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