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Sinusitis be damned, I'm making my way back. I also have a bit of a sore throat, but the constant drinking of hot stuff has helped that. That and getting my ear full of the news that passes for Fox & Friends in the AM and THEIR bullshit. Let me explain...

< open letter to anyone bitching about Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake & the Superbowl 1/2time show>

Okay. Fox & Friends are on this morning & going on and on in defense of Terri Carlin, TN, & the other Americans she speaks for in litigation with Viacom, CBS, MTV, JJ, & JT. Basically they are implying "You know what, good for the common people who were egregiously and mortally wounded by her boob flashing incident." ::gets all Penn & Teller:: BULLSHIT! How ridiculous is this, and on how many different levels?

First of all, No one from the Fox network really has any right playing the conservative card in light of their stablemates Jerry Springer , Paris Hilton & Nicole Ritchie, My Big Fat Obnoxious Fiancé, Totally Outrageous Behavior Caught on Tape, and a ton of other shows too inappropriate for any self respecting conservative to share programming space with and still be considered acceptable as a conservative. Fox is the sleaziest network, and this is nothing shocking to anyone with half a brain stem.

Second, it's as if people are serious about getting their asses kicked by the entire 3 seconds of flesh that was exposed. Apparently when Beyoncé flashes the world at the Superbowl it's just fine - but because Janet was wearing a dress with sadomasochistic overtones and had a nipple pierced, she's BAD BAD BAD BAD BAD!! Parents all over the place are acting like this is the worst thing they've seen on TV since the Beatles were on Ed Sullivan and Elvis ::catches breath, readies the smelling salts:: had to be filmed above the waist on his first televised appearance for lasciviousness. And for what? 3 seconds of a nipple you couldn't even fucking see? THAT was the inappropriate moment for their children to watch? Excuse me, parents, but why weren't you changing channels or turning off the TV when they were dry humping each other up and down the goddamned stage in the 3 minutes prior to the 3 second booby flash? What, THAT was perfectly fine for the kiddies to see? I hate stupid people!!

< /open letter to anyone bitching about Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake & the Superbowl 1/2time show>

It's kind of funny, actually. Yeah, I thought it was inappropriate for this to be broadcast on TV, but no more inappropriate than a good 30% of things I see on TV, in magazines, websites, and newspapers. Actually, less inappropriate than the majority of that other stuff. That's why Haley, Cole, & Avery were sent to play in another part of the house the minute it came on and we as the responsible adults in charge decided it wasn't very kid friendly. Now bear in mind, as parents and care providers, we're on the liberal side of parenting - this to include parents who actually parent their children instead of allowing their kids to watch hours of TV, play video games all afternoon, stay on the computer for the entire evening, and let them have all the fat and sugar they want without getting any exercise.

Again, I hate stupid people - and I'm beginning to consider lack of common sense a form of stupidity. This lawsuit is no more valid than the one where the guy was suing the fast food restaurants because they made him fat. He should have sued his own lack of self control and motivation, the lazy fuck. Or the guy that tried to sue Oreos for making kids fat. GRRR! Okay, let me stop before I blow a gasket or something. I need to take more medicine anyway.
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