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Disconnected thoughts jangle in a mess...

Finished the template I will use for version 5.0 of my website, I wanted to go ahead and get that started at least before amassing material for it. So far I'm quite pleased with the look of it. There's a site I saw earlier that gave me inspiration and makes me really wish I knew Flash. It's quite intense, and I loved it immensely. Check it out: Damned In Black

Still waiting on word from Justin to find out what music he liked on the discs I made, I'm very curious.

To my friend that ails, know that I love you and I'm here as always if you need me. I know you're safe where you are and I'm not going to worry.

To my friend who is in trouble, take this time to realize that you were told and warned many times before. Don't lie and all should be fine in the long run. Oh yeah - and be grateful I'm not out hunting your ass down right about now. That's about as much of my kind side as you're getting for the time being, but in time - provided you do what is expected - I might be persuaded to give more, but don't expect it.

I want coffee...
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