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A Call To Friends

I need a few props for my project, if anyone has them to part with. I need:

  • One large, solid, white flat sheet or tarp that you don't need back
  • leftover fake blood from Halloween
  • a really old baby doll, with a plastic body and the eyes that open and close
  • old, ratty pants, shirts, and jackets. Top hats would also be excellent.

I've got a list of potential places for location shots. So far they are:

  • CB&T Parking Garage
  • Trade Center Parking Garage
  • New section of Trade Center on RiverWalk (under the overhang or on the steps by fountain)
  • Promenade area (near Mark Ingram's old house in the Historical District)
  • Heritage Park
  • Discovery Of Columbus statue on the river walk under the Dillingham Street Bridge
  • Stage at Lake Bottom
  • Statue area at Rotary Park
  • Riverside Gallery (upper floor?)
  • Veranda/porch in Historic District
  • Old City Mill
  • Deck outside of where Ryan and Aimee used to live - Johnston Mill Apartments
  • Johnston Mill Apartments - Might be some good areas in the main building (Spikey Mike might could assist there)
  • Flat Rock
  • Linwood Cemetery
  • Antioch Cemetery
  • Crybaby Bridge
  • Woolfolk House
  • Courtyards at the Rankin & The Tap/Spiral Staircase
  • If we would get into the Springer, I think that would be pretty interesting. Katie? Any thoughts?

The location shots would have to be taken on highly overcast or rainy days to get the lighting effect I need.

Post a reply, ot email me at

Many thanks!

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