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Hang on to yourselves, this is going to be an interesting (and possibly scary) experiment...

My artwork has lately been taking on a new direction, one I forgot I had in me. It's kind of morbid, sinister, and creepy, and maybe even a little on the macabre side - but I like it and it is really inspiring me. I have a ton of new ideas, and am most likely going to be doing a series of similar pieces for the website. I'm going to put the existing pieces to bed for a while and will maybe bring them back later once I have enough new material to replace them.

Depression brings out some very peculiar things in me. I realize that many of you will not appreciate this phase, and that's fine - I'm not asking you to. It's just something in me that really needs to get out. This is the first treatment that I'm willing to share. It's called "Decay", and yes - that's me in the picture.

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