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All is well

Maggie & Nathan got home a little before 8PM, and they're both fine. Nathan stayed for about an hour, then repacked and hit the road for Tampa, he's helping with some training at an office they're opening there and had to drive down ASAP. He's promised to call when he got there and let us know he was okay.

Donna called me about 10 or so, we talked about Mom Shelton and Mikki, Monica, & Fraun. It's killing us both that we're not there with them, but hopefully we can work something out for the weekend if nothing else. It was good to talk to Donna, I've missed her.

For my part, I still feel anxious and would up. I have got to get some sleep tonight, so I went ahead and took a Klonopin about 15 minutes ago. With any luck, it will knock me right out until at least 7 when I normally wake up.

That is all, time to curl up in bed, read, and wait for sleep to come.
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