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Homo Say What?

The Lingo
For those of you who saw "The Broken Hearts Club" and loved it as much as I did, here's the queer dictionary for you.

A.B.D. (Attractive By Default) — Example: you go into a bar full of uglies and actually find a great looking guy, but you can't tell if he is attractive because he is a good looking man or because everyone else is uglier than he is.

A-gay or A-List Gay — Homosexual elite that have power, money, and privilege.

B.A.T.S. — Better-looking Across The Street

B.H.R. — Below Height Requirement - cute but too short

Blue — A reference to the notion that all homophobia would end if everyone who was gay or bisexual would turn blue (or wear a blue dot on their forehead) for just one day. This idea is discussed in the short story "Am I Blue?" by Bruce Coville, where it is referred to as the Third Great Gay Fantasy ("Am I Blue?" Coming Out from the Silence, ed. Marion Dane Bauer, HarperTrophy), and in Bingo by Rita Mae Brown.

Castro — The Castro Street in San Francisco and the area surrounding it, known for its openly gay population.

Choir — as in, "she sings in our choir." Meaning that someone is queer.

Family — A term used by gays and lesbians to identify another suspected or confirmed gay person. Examples: "I do believe the new guy is family." "He's really cute, but are you sure he's family?"

Flame Dame — A very attractive woman who prefers the company of gay men.

Freedom Rings — A set of aluminum rings (usually 6) with each ring hued in a color of the rainbow. Worn on one's person or adorning some personal object, they usually indicate that the owner is gay (or gay-friendly). The rings are based on the rainbow flag, a gay pride symbol. It is commonly understood that if the red ring is on the right hand, the individual is gay. If the red ring is on the left hand, the person is straight and gay-friendly.

Fruit Fly — Girls that prefer to flock around gay men.

Gaydar — Gay radar, the sense by which queers identify other queers.

Gay Man's Therapy — A visit to a hair stylist.

Gold-Star Lesbian — A lesbian who never has had and never intends to have sex with a man. Sometimes they also get points for never sleeping with bisexuals. Entirely too many of them get terribly self-righteous about it, and look down on bisexuals and lesbians who have had sex with men.

Guy — A modifier used among gay men to characterize and title a person by his most obvious attribute.

Gym Bunnies — A faction of gay men who eat, sleep, and breathe the gym.

Invert — What Freud called homosexuals.

Lambda — The Greek letter which transliterates as L. To the Greeks, it was a symbol of justice and equality, taking its shape from the scales of justice. It was adopted as a gay pride/gay rights symbol by the Mattachine Society in the 1970s, and is an international symbol of gay pride.

Mary — A gay man, usually used in sentences like, "Get over yourself, Mary!"

Meanwhile — A red alert message amongst friends signaling them to take immediate notice of a passing stranger (usually attractive).

Miss Thang or Miss Thing — A drag queen. This has its origins in African–American culture, where "Miss Fine Thang" meant a woman who thought a lot of herself and had a big attitude.

A Monet: — One who is best looking from afar. Akin to BATS.

N.E.Q. — Non-equity Queen: A "circuit boy" who thinks he's all that and a bag of chips... but he actually works in retail and owns next-to nothing.

Newbie — A recently "out" gay person; especially any sweet, inexperienced, young gay man destined for heartbreak.

O.G.T. — Acronym for Obviously Gay Trait. These traits vary, but can include such things as having culinary interests or fear of blood sports.

P.H.D. — Pretty Hot Daddy: An Attractive man in the company of children. (Not Twinkies).

Pink Triangle — The pink triangle was originally a symbol gay men were forced to wear in Nazi concentration camps. Much later, the symbol was appropriated from that context and is now used as a symbol of gay pride.

Pinky Ring — At one time, worn by both men and women to signify that one was queer. Usually worn on the left hand.

Poofter, Poof, Puff — A flamboyant gay man. Used mostly in Great Britain.

Pride — 1) When used as a noun – the belief that "Gay is Good!" 2) When used as an adjective – used in titles of events to denote that they are queer celebrations.

Retail Therapy — Shopping, especially after a bad day at the office or a breakup, oh what the period.

San Francisco Accent — Being gay. When Bank of America was acquired by NationsBank, and BOA representatives were sent from SF to NationsBank's headquarters in North Carolina, an amusing request was sent back. The home office asked that no more employees with "San Francisco accents" be sent. One can only assume that this is a new code phrase for being gay.

SASA / GAGA — Straight acting, straight appearing / gay acting, gay appearing. Example: "I'm looking for a good SASA man, unfortunately, I only find GAGA men!".

Stone Butch — A very masculine woman. Many times, these women are mistakenly taken for men. The term comes from African American slang, in which "stone" means "very."

Swish — 1) (adj) effeminate and flamboyant 2) (verb) to act or move effeminately or flamboyantly.

Thirty-footer: — A guy that looks better from 30 feet away.

Tough Trade — A man with a hot body that is a challenge to get into bed.

U-hauls — Used to refer to lesbians who fall in love at first sight and move in right away with a new lover. This phenomenon is so well-known within the lesbian community that it resulted in the joke "What does a lesbian take on her second date? A U-haul."

429 ("Four-two-nine") — Gay. Spells G-A-Y on a phone. Used as a codeword by gay people. It's opposite, straight, is encrypted as "924" ("Nine-two-four").

Source: Several terms for this section were taken from Rebecca's Dictionary of Queer Slang and Culture.

Avery sustained her first real injury last night. Cole was pulling her in her wagon and she flipped out of it and busted her lip. She got it pretty good, because it bled a lot and was very swollen. Within 5 minutes, she wanted to get back in the wagon and all was well. The wagon, of course, was retired for the evening.

Friday morning after they drop Cole off at school, Maggie & Nathan are leaving for Tennessee until Monday. Avery's grandmother is picking her up when on her way home from work Friday evening, and Cole is going to Grandmommy's either Friday night or Saturday morning. Saturday morning Damien & I are headed to Atlanta to see xtex and my friend Charlie, and to get lunch and go to the farmer's market & L5P. I get to spend some down time this weekend with the house being empty before I get the kids on Sunday and next week kicks in all over again. I love my family, but I'm looking forward to the peace and quiet of an empty house.
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