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After prolonging it for quite a while, a month to be more precise, I… 
19th-Jan-2004 08:45 am
After prolonging it for quite a while, a month to be more precise, I have finished reading Beach Music. That book absolutely transports me, and when I reach the end I find myself both in tears and at a place where nothing makes me feel like it does. No friend, no family member, no place, nothing - nothing makes me feel as euphoric as reading this book does. It is my bible.

The L-Word. What can I say, I loved it! In the same vein as Queer As Folk, I thought it was a very important piece of work and I hope it serves to better inform the general populace that watches it of the diversity within the GLBT community. I thought it was very well written and beautifully filmed. So far, Alice is my favorite character, with Bette and Tina tied for second. I made a new icon in honor of the show, feel free to use it:

Maggie, Nathan, & I went to Chris & Jennifer's house last night for a party in celebration of the show. We played Taboo for about an hour and then came home just in time to see the show. It was fun, but every single person except us was smoking and at one point they even started smoking cigars and all of the cigarette/cigar smoke really made me sick to my stomach. Maggie and I came home each of us smelling like an ashtray. I cannot BELIEVE I used to smell like that all of the time, but then again how would I have known? Six months after I quit smoking my sense of smell came back completely resharpened, and my sense of taste shot up in a way that made me sad I ever smoked in the first place.

Today (hopefully) we finish fixing the shed and getting things moved into it. Then I can get the treadmill moved into my room and begin resuming my exercise. With any luck, I can start losing weight quickly and toning up all of my soft places, of which there are too many for my peace of mind. I look in the mirror and all I see these days is someone I don't recognize choking the life right out of me. Well FUCK that. I'll be goddamned!
19th-Jan-2004 11:50 am (UTC)
the end of beach music positively wrecked me. i seriously felt on the verge of a nervous breakdown when i finished that book. i put it down, and just bawled like... well, like someone *I* knew jumped off a bridge.

g'luck with hauling the treadmill. i dunno about yours, but ours was DAMN heavy. (so glad we sold it! ha!)

and i know what you mean about the ashtray smell. i quit smoking last year, and now the smoke fairly makes me gag. (okay, once in awhile, when i'm with a specific friend, i've indulged, but i never REEK like i used to.)
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