Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

This is too cute not to share! Shut Up, Justin....

Avery's book du jour, she's made me read it like 3,827 times today alone.

But Not The Hippopotamus
by Sandra Boynton

A hog and a frog
do a dance in the bog.
But not the hippopotamus.

A cat and two rats
are trying on hats.
But not the hippopotamus.

A moose and a goose
together have juice.
But not the hippopotamus.

A bear and a hare
have been to a fair.
But not the hippopotamus.

Now the hog and the frog
hurry out for a jog
with the cat and the rats
in their new running hats...

While the moose and the bear
and the goose and the hare
are doing their best
to keep up with the rest.

But not the hippopotamus.

Then the animal pack
comes scurrying back,
saying, "Hey! Come join the lot of us!"

And she just doesn't know -
Should she stay?
Should she go?

But YES the hippopotamus!

But not the armadillo.

Conversation with a 20 month old while pointing to pictures in another book:
Me: Avery, what color is this? (points to pink)
Avery: PEEK!
Me: And this? (points to red)
Avery: WED!
Me: And this? (points to white)
Avery: FITE!
Me: And this? (points to blue)
Avery: BOO!
Me: And this? (points to green)
Avery: GEEN!
Me: And this? (points to yellow)
Avery: EWWOH!
Me: And this? (points to purple)
Avery: PUPPOW!
Me: YAY!! Good job on colors. What does a cow say?
Avery: MOOO!!!
Me: And a sheep?
Me: And a dog?
Me: And a cat?
Avery: meoooowwwww
Me: And a frog?
Me: And a pig?
Me: And a duck?
Avery: CACK! CACK!
Me: And a horse?
Me: And a snake?
Avery: No. No sake.
Me: Why not? What does the snake say?
Avery: No, bad. No sake. ::shakes head defiantly::
Me: Tell me what the snake says, or I'm through with you, ya hear? THROUGH I SAY!!
Avery :::giggles:: Awighty, sake HITHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
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