Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith


Welcome to Monday.

Today, kids, will be household strife and loads of arguing day! It's only the usual stuff, and it's all the roomates - I'm lying low in the office and trying to go unnoticed. With any luck it'll end soon and we can all go about our day getting stuff done. Right now, I'm about as comfortable as a whore in church. And since I'm throwing out bad analogies, it's hotter than a hooker's hotel room on GI payday in this office. Indeed.

We went and rescued Jennie's truck battery last night and got Jennie and Amber hugs (which are always nice), then saw the movie "Bad Santa". It was a good comedy for those with a warped and twised sense of humor. On the way into the theater we got Aimee hugs (which are always equally nice). At one point I told Damien "He's Like a male representation of Renea in a Santa suit in an odd way". It made sense at the time.

Maybe the day will get better. I hope so!

Send us good energy, everyone!

::goes back into hiding::
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