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First Post Of The Year

I'm not sure yet of my New Year's Resolutions, but one thing is for sure - this year I will lose all of this extra weight and get into really good shape. If nothing else, that is my primary goal for the year.

I'm working on version 4.0 of Digital Design, which will have a lot more content than all other previous versions. I've got the basic template layout finished and now just have to shift the current content around and add the newer stuff. I also have to make a few new brushes, which I already have in mind just haven't had the time to complete - so all of you that use my brush sets, there are new ones coming - keep your panty hose on.

Mythmas was great, New Year's was great, I'm just really glad it's all over and now I'm looking forward to at least one snowfall this year before spring comes around and I get to start biking again. I think that's what I'm looking forward to the most.

Nothing much else besides going to Andrew's B-day this evening and hopefully getting to see Renea & Mike's new digs. Other than that, I hope for a quiet day and a pleasant evening where there is no strife and are no selfish, immature people to piss me off, only celebration and positivity.


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