Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me.... ::hums::

The whole world is on fire today! Saddam Hussein gets snagged, Strom Thurmond was found to have been playin' in the briar patch at some point or other in history (that choice description courtesy of my friend Azure) and tonight the second half of Angels In America comes on HBO. Then I read the journals of my local friends and things have gone to hell in a proverbial handbasket. Hmmmm..... It's been a good birthday altogether, though.

I thank each and every one of my family and friends who came to my birthday dinner, and thank all for the swank presents! I got a really cool stuffed pug puppy, two pairs of jeans, a signed copy of Beach Music by Pat Conroy (eat your heart out, youwinagain!), a new Photoshop book with my Barnes & Noble giftcards, the movie Reversal Of Fortune on DVD, an Old Navy giftcard that I'm waiting to use after Mythmas as the lines today were rigoddamndiculously long, gift certificates to Sushiko & Ok Sun, and a subscription to Vanity Fair. I'm probably forgetting something too, but that's a side effect of both my old age and the depression Maggie swears I'm under. ::...blink... ...blink...::

Last night we went to Durant & Slade's Mythmas party, it was great fun and I got to see a lot of people I hadn't seen in years. At one point I even had the pleasure of being party to a meaningless conversation about Aveda haircare products -vs- some-or-other line of apparently equally good "product", (as it is now known to be called) a clique of guys were having, those well manicured, hair way over colored/highlighted/gelled and sprayed, highly fashioned, snivelling, shallow assholes that spell the word "boy" as "boi" (Jesus H. Fucking Christ how I want to mercilessly stab the jizz bucket that started that trend) and when one of them looked to me to ascertain my opinion I simply replied blankly "Moisture... is the essence... of wetness... And wetness... is the essence... of beauty..." ::flashes Blue Steel/Le Tigré combination:: And not one of the fuckers even laughed or cracked a smile. So I go "Yeah..." and trekked to the kitchen and refilled my wine glass while laughing heartily in spite of myself. We had just watched Zoolander earlier in the day, so it was all fresh in my mind.

So now I'm flipping through my Photoshop book and waiting on the family to get home so I can run over to Damien's apartment and see about him. He's a bit under the weather, as it were.

Alrighty, I'm off...


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