Brad Smith (jesus_h_biscuit) wrote,
Brad Smith

Tilling My Own Grave To Keep Me Level...

ACK!! ACKITY ACK ACK ACK!! Just in time for Giftmas, I give you the Ann Coulter Action Figure! Scare your children and friends! Personally, I think it should be called "Cuntzilla" - but slap me if I get sentimental...

Two more days until my birthday dinner, doo daa.... doo daa.... I realize that a lot of you cannot be there, and really - that's fine. You can't always do everything you want to do, espacially this close to Giftmas. It's a fact I've learned to get used to over the years, and I'm really fine with it.

I replied to an email from my father yesterday where I asked him if he thought it was wierd that I was going to be 33 in a few days, he replied "Not as wierd as Mark (my oldest brother) being 46!" I cracked up and then thought to myself "Holy poop on a stick, Mr. Hat - He really is getting old!"

There isn't much going on here lately, hence my reluctance to make posts. Today Maggie will be in Montgomery for half of the day, so Avery and I will be on our own. Mags & I are both having allergy issues, but I took a Claritin at 6AM and it's working slowly. I'm going to tweak a few settings on the website template I'm doing for, I have rollover buttons to make and new code I'm going to attempt.

The spelling bee at Cole's school went well yesterday, I called out the words to the kids. There was a bigger crowd this year, as there were no empty seats left. After they introduced me to the stage, I said "Two things - first, thank you very much for asking me to do this again, I hope we make this a tradition from now on. Second, MAN (spins around in front of the podium, jumps) I'm glad I didn't fall while walking up those steps! (audience giggles) I had a dream last night that I fell walking up here and broke my leg, and then you guys (points to the contestants) took turns jumping on me until the ambulance came - which was a dumptruck being driven by an orangutan..."

At that point everyone was laughing and felt less nervous. The winning word was "Dinosaur". In my head, I thought "Dinosoy"...
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