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Texas McDonald’s customer ran over manager in parking lot, gets 10 year sentence in mayo spat
You know, somewhere Ray Kroc is pointing and laughing...

Louisiana Parents Come To Aid Of Gay Family
Vive Le Cajuns!

Phelps, Senator Square Off
This is funny as hell, if you hate Fred Phelps as much as I do then read this!

Straight Girls Win Gay Victory
Vive Le Girl Power!

Later on today, possibly this evening, I'm going to make a long post about some things that I've been obsessing over lately. In particular God, Republicans, Intolerant Atheists, two documentaries I saw last night, and why I'm really just not happy about the state of affairs in the world today. That and the fact that I'm feeling the need to vent and that is after all the purpose of this journal for me. I'm about to head to the mall with Maggie, Amy, & Avery so that the girls can do some shopping and Avery & I can do some exploring. It'll be a way for me to quiz her. That entails me pointing at things and her telling me what they are, then teaching her the word signs for each thing. Yes, I'm teaching Avery sign language, and she's pretty good at it too! Already she regularly signs "more" & "thank you"

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